Weather and GI Stasis

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This time of the year our buns are usually starting to shed their fur.  It is usually a heavy molt, which is nature’s way of preparing your bun for the hotter weather. This, coupled with our Summer rain, makes it a good time to talk about how weather can cause GI Stasis.  When we have several days in a row of rain, our bunnies don’t spend as much time outside, so the lack of exercise, together with the molting is a perfect recipe for disaster. Gastro-Intestinal Stasis is a condition, where the peristalsis action of the gut, shuts down. It can be life threatening if left and can take a long time to come right. Because rabbits groom themselves constantly, they ingest a lot of fur, especially if they are molting. This wouldn’t be such a problem, if they, like cats were able to vomit, but this mass of hair in the gut will not pass through if there is not enough fibre in the diet. So during the rainy season, when your bun is not able to exercise and eat grass and leaves, special care must be taken. This is the time to up the amount of fibre in their diet by giving plenty of grass hay (Bunny Chow Orchard Grass) and a high fibre pellet such as Bunny Chow so as to prevent GI Stasis. You should also give your bun a daily brushing, which will help remove the loose fur. High water content veggies and plenty of water will also help keep the gut hydrated.

normal poop small misshapen poop rabbit gi stasis

Symptoms of GI Stasis is a very listless rabbit, who is noticeably in pain. His ears will be cold and he would have passed little or no droppings. If you find your bun is displaying these symptoms, get him to your rabbit experienced vet ASAP.
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