Litter box training your rabbit.

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In nature, rabbit’s choose one spot for their toilet. So to train your rabbit, place his litter box in the exact spot that he has chosen. Older rabbits are easier to train, as younger rabbits are still learning boundaries and do not have the attention span. The most important factor is to spay and neuter rabbits when they reach the age of 4 – 6 months. This will prevent them from marking their territory.

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A good idea to encourage good litter box habits is to place some hay in the litter box, so as to encourage your bunny to sit there and eat. Normal unscented, cat, clay litter can be used, but DO NOT use clumping litter. Recently our rabbit vet had two different cases where the bunnies ingested clumping litter, causing serious problems and led to both of them dying.

The best thing to do is to place a centimeter of clay litter in the litter box. Once you have placed the litter box in the area that your bunny has chosen, DO NOT move it to another place. This will only create two places where your bunny will go. This should be changed once a day. Clean litter boxes often, to encourage your rabbit to use them. Use white vinegar to rinse boxes out and for tough stains, let them soak. Accidents outside of the cage can be cleaned up with white vinegar.

If your cage is too small for a litter box, you may have a cage that is too small for your rabbit.

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