Frequently Asked Bunny Questions

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1. What are the ideal living conditions for a rabbit in suburbia – cage or fenced garden?(I know that they can dig holes underneath a fence.)

2. Is his cage big enough? (1.5m x 1m)

3. What does the ideal rabbit-housing look like, i.e. measurements?

4. What does your rabbits’ housing look like?

5. Will I eventually be able to tame my rabbit and how do I go about doing this?

6. I am not sure if he gets enough stimulation by sitting in his cage all day. What can I do to remedy this; are there playthings available for rabbits?

7. I would like to let him out of his cage, but am afraid that he will run away and end up as road kill on the busy road, unlike his ‘skilled’ parents. How will I know if and when he is ready to run loose? (I want to be able to put him back in his cage again at some stage.)
Start off slowly introducing him to your garden. Your garden should be fully fenced, with no way for him to escape. Watch him slowly and let him work out his territory. You will find that he will trace his steps, just making sure that his familiar surroundings are still there. Some rabbits are difficult to catch once they are running free. You need to have a plan on how you are going to catch him, before you let him out.

8. I’ve heard that some people have “house rabbits”; rabbits that live in the house and uses a litter tray. Is this a preferable option and how will I know when my rabbit is ready for this?

9. Are there certain foods and plants that are poisonous to rabbits?

10. What kind of vegetables can I feed my rabbit?
Rabbits can eat any of the green/orange/red peppers, carrot tops and a weekly small serving of apple or pear. Go easy on carrots, spinach and turnips.

11. Must I feed him only at particular times or leave food out at all times?

12. What type of herbs can I give my rabbit?

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