Handling your rabbit

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Rabbits do not like to be held for long periods of time. By handling your bun gently and using a soft caring voice, he will learn to be at ease when being picked up. The correct way to handle a rabbit is to place one hand under the rabbits back legs and the other under the chest. Then slowly bring the rabbit up close to your chest, keeping the one hand at the hindquarters and other at the back of his neck, while gently pressing the rabbit closer to you, so that his feet feel secure. Hold him firmly, so that he cannot kick or jump, running the risk of injuring himself. If when you are holding your rabbit, he starts to kick and looks like he is about to fall, drop to your knees so that he doesn’t have too far a distance to fall.

Points to remember

Don’t ever pick your rabbit up by the ears. This is extremely painful.
Don’t ever pick your rabbit up by the flesh around the shoulders or the neck.
Don’t ever punish your rabbit by hitting him. He will learn more by you being loving and patient.


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